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Subject Leader - Mrs. Joanne Hodder


We strive to help children develop the skills and knowledge to be future scientists: explaining and analysing phenomena, making predictions and solving problems.

In science at Harby C of E Primary School we aim to:

  • Practise the skills of working scientifically, including: questioning, predicting, planning, setting up, observing and measuring, recording, reporting and concluding.
  • Learn about how the science they are studying (biology, physics or chemistry) is used in the world of jobs, about significant scientists alive today, and / or famous ones from history within those specific areas.
  • Have opportunities to have own safe enquiry led investigations throughout their time in primary school from EYFS to year 6 as well as teacher instigated enquiry.
  • Develop skills within the 5 enquiry types as topics should be question led.
  • Improve observational skills by improving our accuracy of measurements and observed details as well as looking at patterns when observing over time.
  • Look at different ways they can identify, group and classify materials, objects and living things.
  • Learn about and improve their ability to set up fair and comparative tests within the classroom / outside or for home activities.
  • Use secondary sources to research elements of the topic that they are wanting to find out more about.
  • Expand our understanding and use of key vocabulary through class and group discussions and progressively to written work.
  • Build knowledge and understanding of topic areas outlined in the National curriculum progressively throughout school, reviewing prior learning as they go.
  • Recall key knowledge and understanding from their learning through regular low-stake mini test / quizzes and puzzles.
  • Participate in a good range of practical enquiry and knowledge based sessions where they can address areas of confusion or misconceptions.

Science Policy and Progression Documents

Please click on the links below to access our science policy and school progression documents that support the planning and development of teaching and learning in science across the school.