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Our Community

The school is at the heart of the community and we value the links that we have - they add to our experiences and support our values.  We have detailed some of the ways in which we link with the community on this page.

Parents and Familes

Parents and families are welcome in school and we value their input.  We engage through a range of ways including open sessions, parent and child 'drop-in' sessions, school events and activities and SeeSaw.  SeeSaw is a secure, dedicated app which enables parents to be part of what their children are learning at school and also share in what they are doing at home.

Reverend Paul

Reverend Paul Towns is very much part of our school community and support us in many ways, offering pastoral care to pupils, families and staff.  We welcome Rev Paul to lead an assembly every week and this is either in school or in St. Mary's Church, Harby.  We are lucky to have the church next door and value the links we have, they offer support for the teaching of Religious Education, but also in living out our school values.  Rev Paul has also led confirmation classes in school, for pupils that would like to explore their faith and beliefs.  In Rev Paul's business, which is linked to farming and agriculture, he has also supported children in their learning of these areas.

Wider Village Links

We welcome the opportunity to be engaged with the wider community in the village, such as by singing at the Village Christmas Lunch.  These opportunities enable pupils to mix with villagers of all ages.  Villagers are also welcome to come to our church services and we welcome volunteers into school.  As we have no school hall the Village Hall is used by school regularly for performances and PE.

Wider Links Outside of the Village

We have strong links with other schools in the local areas and are part of the Vale Collaborative Partnership.  This provides opportunities for staff and pupils to engage in shared activities that broaden their experience.  Links with Belvoir Priory Academy, the secondary school to which we feed, are also strong with pupils engaging in visits to share in what past pupils have done.

We recognise that our links with local schools, whilst hugely important, do not provide the breadth of diversity and difference in school communities as we are all small, rural schools.  Understanding difference is important for all children and staff and we have linked up with contrasting schools across the county which has been mutually beneficial.  Children and staff have enjoyed sharing activities with their partner schools and we look forward to continuing this with some in person visits.